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Kevin Mansell, Managing Director

kevin_mansellKevin Mansell is a recognised authority in the field of mobile phone forensics with a proven track record in training high tech crime investigators in the safe and effective retrieval of digital evidence.

Prior to starting his own company, Kevin spent 3 years as a high tech crime trainer at the UK’s National Centre for High Tech Crime Training. Kevin has trained law enforcement personnel in mobile phone forensics, network and Internet investigations and computer forensics.  Since developing an entry-level course for mobile phone examiners in 2005, Kevin has successfully delivered mobile device forensics training to over 1,500 students from the UK and overseas.

Kevin has represented the UK on Interpol’s European Working Party on IT Crime where he collaborated with overseas colleagues to identify and publish good practice in the rapidly maturing field of mobile phone forensics.  He has also spoken at both national and international electronic crime conferences.

Before working in the field of digital forensics, Kevin gained 9 years experience working within the telecommunications industry in a variety of technical and project management roles.  This included helping GSM network operators to deploy state of the art fraud detection systems to stem revenue leakage.

Kevin holds a City & Guilds Certificate in Teaching Adult Learners (Stages 1 & 2).

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