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Control-F launches first computer forensics training course

July 23rd, 2018

Control-F has been providing vendor-neutral mobile forensics training since 2007. During that time we have been asked several times by our customers whether we would expand our portfolio to include computer forensics training. We are now very excited about being able to answer that question with a resounding “Yes!”

Our new 4½ day Foundation in Securing Computer Evidence course brings our considerable experience in teaching complex concepts in an engaging way to the field of computer forensics. As the name suggests, the course is very much focused on the acquisition (rather than analysis) of data but goes far beyond simply imaging hard disk drives. Delegates will learn how to use triage tools in order to prioritise computer exhibits for detailed examination as well as “live forensics” techniques for capturing volatile data from RAM, open encrypted storage containers and cloud storage.

The course is highly practical and includes a wide range of devices and storage media; PCs, Macs, SD cards, USB drives, NAS drives, routers and more.

Our first course runs 7-11 January 2019 at Wyboston Lakes (Bedfordshire, UK). Get in touch to enquire about availability.