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Control-F have a proven track record in delivering highly practical training to phone examiners from around the world and currently offer a wide range of classroom and on-site training courses (below).

  • Entry level: 4½ days
  • Teaches prospective or existing mobile device examiners how to examine mobile devices in accordance with the ACPO Good Practice Guide for Digital Evidence
  • Intermediate level: 4½ days
  • Teaches examiners how to deal with security protected Android, iOS, Windows Phone & BlackBerry devices as well as recover evidence from device backups recovered from desktop computers
  • Intermediate level: 4½ days
  • Recover evidence from apps which are unsupported by commercial forensic tools
  • Recover deleted data from the SQLite databases used by apps on iOS, Android, BlackBerry & Windows Phone devices
  • Intermediate level: 3½ days
  • Learn how to navigate and manually carve hex data with confidence
  • Get to grips with Endian-ness, offsets, regular expressions and more
  • Advanced level: 3 days
  • Learn how to write simple Python scripts to speed up recovery and reporting of forensic artefacts not supported by commercial tools
  • Advanced level: 4½ days
  • Learn how to safely root current Android devices to enable physical extractions
  • Bypass user locks on current Android devices
  • Advanced level: 4 days
  • Learn how to bypass locks on Android and Windows Phone handsets and tablet computers
  • Learn how to perform physical extractions on unsupported Android and Windows Phone handsets & tablets and TomTom satnav units
  • Advanced level: 4½ days
  • Learn how to de-solder flash memory chips and extract data from damaged, unsupported and locked devices

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