• Foundation in Mobile Phone Forensics

    A 4½ day training course designed to teach prospective or existing mobile forensic examiners how to examine mobile devices in accordance with the ACPO Principles of Digital Computer Based Evidence.

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  • Demystifying Hex Data

    A 3½ day course during which delegates learn how to confidently navigate, decode and explain raw data.

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  • Foundation in Securing Computer Evidence

    A 4½ day course during which delegates gain hands-on experience in reliably securing evidence via traditional imaging, live acquisition and triage techniques.

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We make it make sense

Control-F helps people make sense of digital evidence in order to find the truth. We offer scheduled and on-site training courses for digital forensic examiners of all experience and ability levels.

We have over a decade’s experience working with law enforcement, private sector and academic customers both in the UK and overseas.


Foundation in Securing Computer Evidence

A 4½ day hands-on course designed to teach delegates how to acquire data from a wide range of devices, whilst either powered on at a search scene or powered down back in the office.

Smartphone App Forensics

A 4½ day course designed to teach students how to recover evidence from smartphone applications.

Flash Memory Chip Removal (“chip off”)

A 4½ day course where you will learn to safely remove flash memory chips from Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) of mobile devices clean and “re-ball” flash memory chips in preparation for data recovery.

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