• Advanced Smartphone & Tablet Acquisition

    A 4½ day course designed to teach existing mobile device examiners how to crack iTunes backup encryption, acquire unsupported Android devices and exploit WhatsApp backups (both on the device and on cloud storage)

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  • eMMC Device Forensics

    A 4 day course during which delegates learn how to perform physical extractions of locked, damaged and unsupported devices.

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  • Foundation in Securing Computer Evidence

    A 4½ day course during which delegates gain hands-on experience in reliably securing evidence via traditional imaging, live acquisition and triage techniques.

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We make it make sense

Control-F helps people make sense of digital evidence in order to find the truth. We offer scheduled and on-site training courses for digital forensic examiners of all experience and ability levels.

We have over a decade’s experience working with law enforcement, private sector and academic customers both in the UK and overseas.


Foundation in Securing Computer Evidence

A 4½ day hands-on course designed to teach delegates how to acquire data from a wide range of devices, whilst either powered on at a search scene or powered down back in the office.

Smartphone App Forensics

A 4½ day course designed to teach students how to recover evidence from smartphone applications.

Flash Memory Chip Removal (“chip off”)

4½ days Background Password-protected, damaged and unsupported devices can pose significant challenges to digital forensic units tasked with evidence recovery. In some situations the only viable option for recovery of evidence is the removal and reading of flash memory chips located within the device (“chip-off”). With the majority of modern devices utilising eMMC flash memory […]

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