• Acquiring Challenging Computer Devices

    A 2 day course designed to teach delegates how to acquire Microsoft Surface Pro, Apple Mac and Chromebook devices.

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  • Intermediate Mobile Device Repair

    A 4 ½ day course sits alongside our Rework for Mobile Device Repair course. The fault-finding skills required to identify faulty chips is taught on Intermediate Mobile Device Repair.

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  • Mobile Forensics for Kiosk Operators

    An online on-demand course designed to introduce students to mobile device forensics and the use of mobile forensic kiosks

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We make it make sense

Control-F helps people make sense of digital evidence in order to find the truth. We offer scheduled and on-site training courses for digital forensic examiners of all experience and ability levels.

We have over a decade’s experience working with law enforcement, private sector and academic customers both in the UK and overseas.


Foundation in Mobile Phone Forensics

A 4½ day training course designed to teach prospective or existing mobile forensic examiners how to examine mobile devices in accordance with the ACPO Principles of Digital Computer Based Evidence.

Intermediate Mobile Device Repair

A 4½ day course in which delegates are taught how to identify and repair board-level faults on mobile devices

Rework for Mobile Device Repair

4½ days Background Mobile devices can be damaged either through normal use, deliberate snapping or failure of specific chips which are vital to the device powering up successfully. Consequently, digital forensic units are routinely faced with mobile devices which cannot be powered on to a stable state such that data can be extracted using commercial forensic tools. Where possible and practical, such devices need to […]

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