I think the instructors were great and engaging. I definitely came out learning more and feel I could definitely implement it in my workplace.

Smartphone App Forensics, March 2023

The constant effort to keep everything up to date and working is obvious and appreciated.

Advanced Smartphone & Tablet Acquisition, December 2022

Really enjoyed the course. Presented extremely well and probably the best course I’ve been on so far!

Mobile Device Repair, March 2023

Found the course really useful and interesting. Liked the practical scenarios to make it more like it will be back at work.

Foundation in Mobile Phone Forensics, June 2023

This is my second course here, after Foundation in Mobile Phone Forensics in Feb 2018. You are by far, in my opinion as a ‘new examiner’, the best providers of training I have come across. This is real stuff, but current examiners, not on a sales pitch for a tool or device. The kind of group/company I would be proud to work for …… one day!

Advanced Smartphone & Tablet Acquisition, October 2019

Excellent instructor very engaging, provides depth to the content and real-life experience/ challenges. Need more courses like this.

Foundation in Mobile Phone Forensics, March 2023

Trainers were fantastic, course was engaging and very interesting. Both trainers made everyone feel welcome and their real-world experiences are vital and relevant to the courses. Look forward to attending future courses

Mobile Device Repair, February 2023

One of the best courses I have ever been on. Up to date, fit for purpose and relevant! Superb realistic scenarios. Current devices. Spot on! Thanks

Foundation in Mobile Phone Forensics,  August 2021

Fundamentals was good for people new to DF. Data fundamentals was great, probably the best explanation I have had, and I’ve been on a few courses!

Foundation in Securing Computer Evidence, July 2021

Great course – lots of hands-on practise. Trainers are very knowledgeable and experienced and patient with students. Lots of tips/ tricks throughout the course.

Rework for Mobile Device Repair, January 2023