I was very impressed with the course especially in view of the current COVID-19 restrictions in class size/social distancing. The procedures put in place and the way the course was run were excellent.

Foundation in Mobile Phone Forensics, June 2020

Great trainers, great course. I will be recommending it to all the guys at the office.

App Investigator 1, June 2020

This was an excellent course. The tutors were very supportive and the level of knowledge they have is evident. I would certainly recommend this course to colleagues in Law Enforcement.

App Investigator 1, June 2020

Fantastic course, taught by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainer. Would recommend to all practitioners who require an understanding of the fundamentals of mobile phone forensics.

Foundation in Mobile Phone Forensics,  January 2020

This is my second course here, after Foundation in Mobile Phone Forensics in Feb 2018. You are by far, in my opinion as a ‘new examiner’, the best providers of training I have come across. This is real stuff, but current examiners, not on a sales pitch for a tool or device. The kind of group/company I would be proud to work for …… one day!

Advanced Smartphone & Tablet Acquisition, October 2019

Fantastic course, plenty of hands on. Good fun and learned a lot. Thank you

Flash Memory Chip Removal, October 2019

Very knowledgeable trainer, well delivered course, great content, engaging classroom activities. Very well put together. Highly recommended course.

Foundation in Mobile Phone Forensics, October 2019

As always, very enjoyable, great bunch of guys, really impressed with the quality and consistency across the courses.

Smartphone App Forensics, September 2019

The trainer was really great – explained things fully and kept a good pace. Very knowledgeable and easy to approach. Made learning easy and enjoyable.

Foundation in Mobile Phone Forensics, July 2019

Fantastic course with enthusiastic and very knowledgeable instructors a definite recommendation for those new to digital forensics and a fantastic refresher for those who have been in the job for some time.

Foundation in Securing Computer Evidence, March 2019