How much does a Training Pass cost?

Law enforcement customers can purchase a Training Pass with 15 or more credits.

The smallest Training Pass of 15 credits costs £6,530 + VAT (before end March), £7,200 + VAT (from April)

Contact us if you require a quote for a different number of credits.

What’s so special about it?

Rather than offer unlimited training for a single staff member, the Control-F Training Pass takes a slightly different approach by allowing customers to “bulk buy” training at a discounted rate without having to decide on who will attend which course up-front. Rather, those decisions can be made “down the line” as operational needs and staffing levels evolve. We believe that gives our customers greater flexibility when planning budgets and staff training.

How long does a Training Pass last?

All passes are valid for 2 years from the date on which the first course is attended. Any credits unspent within the 2 year period would be forfeited. The action of “spending” credits is taken to be the submission of a signed booking form; meaning that a delegate can attend a course after the 2 year period has elapsed as long as the course place was booked within the 2 year window.

Really, any staff member?

A Training Pass can be used to book a training course place for any permanent staff member directly employed by the organisation invoiced for the pass. Note that due to the advanced nature of some of our training courses, delegates must meet the appropriate pre-requisites for that course.

Any course?

Credits can be spent to book delegates on any of our mobile forensics training courses. The credit costs for the courses are listed below.

CourseDuration (days)Standard Law Enforcement delegate rate (ex. VAT)Training Pass Credits
Foundation in Mobile Phone Forensics£2,250 (booking pre April), £2,475 (from April)4
Advanced Smartphone & Tablet Acquisition£2,250 (booking pre April), £2,475 (from April)4
Python Scripting 13£1,500 (booking pre April), £1,650 (from April)3
Smartphone App Forensics£2,250 (booking pre April), £2,475 (from April)4
Foundation in Securing Computer Evidence£2,250 (booking pre April), £2,475 (from April)4
Intermediate Mobile Device Repair£4,275 (booking pre April), £4,705 (from April)9
Mobile Device Repair£3,670 (booking pre April), £4,705 (from April)8 (booking pre April), 9 (from April)
App Investigator 1£1,975 (booking pre April), £2,180 (from April)4
Rework for Mobile Device Repair£4,275 (booking pre April), £4,705 (from April)9
Acquiring Challenging Computer Devices2£1,000 (booking pre April) £1,100 (from April)2

What are the potential savings?

Savings will typically be between 9% and 20% when compared with our standard law enforcement discounted rates. The exact saving will depend upon the actual courses selected and naturally assumes that all credits are spent.

Who can purchase a Training Pass?

Control-F Training Passes are available to law enforcement and government agencies. The organisation to be invoiced must be a law enforcement or government agency. Control-F makes the final decision regarding an organisation’s eligibility. Please contact us if you’d like to check your organisation’s eligibility.

Why credits?!

Good question! Control-F Training Passes are based on a credit system due to the fact that the daily rate for our workshop-based Mobile Device Repair , Intermediate Mobile Device Repair and Rework for Mobile Device Repair and courses is higher than that for our other classroom based courses. As such, these courses “cost” more credits than a classroom-based course of the same duration.