Intermediate Mobile Device Repair


Android and iOS devices typically need to be in a bootable state in order for data to be extracted using commercial forensic tools. Digital forensic units routinely encounter devices which are sufficiently damaged that extraction cannot take place – the device either fails to start at all or repeatedly displays the Apple logo (a “boot loop”). Although the replacement of broken screens and batteries within digital forensic units has become widespread, a subset of damaged devices require more complex fault-finding and repair techniques.

Course aims

The printed circuit board (PCB) within a mobile device is home to many tiny electronic components which work together to ensure that the device can boot and function normally. The failure of a single component on the PCB (for example, due to excess power) may lead to the device not powering at all, or “boot looping”.

Intermediate Mobile Device Repair is a 4½ day course designed to teach delegates how to identify and repair common board-level faults. Delegates will learn how to recognise components on a PCB and determine whether they have failed. They will then learn micro-soldering techniques to remove or replace faulty components in order to return a device to a bootable condition such that data can be extracted.

Delegates will gain vital hands-on experience of interpreting circuit board schematics and utilising them to locate short circuits which can then be repaired.

Delegates will primarily be working on iPhones during the course, however the techniques taught can also be used to troubleshoot and repair Android devices.

What you will learn

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Identify specific components on a printed circuit board (PCB) and explain their function
  • Successfully diagnose PCB-level faults which prevent data extraction
  • Replace faulty PCB components including screen, touch and data port connectors
  • Diagnose and resolve short circuits on a PCB
  • Explain & justify their actions in court

Who should attend?

Delegates must have previous experience of mobile device repair and soldering. Ideally this will have been achieved by attending our Mobile Device Repair course.

Intermediate Mobile Device Repair sits alongside our Rework for Mobile Device Repair course. The fault-finding skills required to identify faulty chips is taught on Intermediate Mobile Device Repair – the replacement of those chips using hot air techniques is taught on Rework for Mobile Device Repair. Digital forensic units will gain maximum benefit where staff have attended Intermediate Mobile Device Repair and Rework for Mobile Device Repair.