Reviewing Mobile Forensic Data

2 days • Classroom


Data recovered from mobile devices plays a vital role in an increasing number of investigations. However, case teams face significant challenges in being able to navigate huge volumes of data in order to find items of relevance to their investigation. In addition, different devices may have been extracted using different forensic tools – each of which is accompanied by its own “reader” application. Investigators need to make efficient use of multiple reader applications such that they can locate relevant data and subsequently generate reports that can be used in evidence.

Course aims

Reviewing Mobile Forensic Data is a two-day classroom course designed to teach delegates how to navigate mobile forensic data in MSAB XAMN, Cellebrite Reader and AXIOM Portable Cases. Data is routinely supplied by Digital Forensic Units and external Forensic Service Providers in all 3 formats; each of which brings its own challenges and opportunities. Reviewing Mobile Forensic Data aims to teach delegates how to confidently navigate data, and report against it, within all three tools.

Delegates will learn how to search and filter large extractions to identify and then “tag” relevant items such that they can be reviewed by colleagues. Delegates will also gain hands-on experience in producing reports of relevant data for evidential purposes.

Crucially, delegates will not only learn how to use the relevant software tools, they will gain experience in appropriate note-taking to ensure that an accurate record of any analysis is maintained for disclosure purposes.

What you will learn

By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Select an appropriate reader tool to open an extraction of a mobile device
  • Search and filter mobile forensic data using XAMN, Cellebrite Reader and AXIOM Portable Cases
  • Tag (“bookmark”) relevant data using XAMN, Cellebrite Reader and AXIOM Portable Cases
  • Generate selective reports of relevant data
  • Keep appropriate notes of their actions

Who should attend?

This intermediate level course is targeted at anyone who needs to review and interpret data recovered from mobile devices. This will include case teams, investigators and analysts.

Delegates must have successfully completed our online on-demand training course ‘Understanding Mobile Forensic Data’ before attending ‘Reviewing Mobile Forensic Data’.


XAMN is a registered trademark of Micro Systemation AB. Cellebrite is a registered trademark of Cellebrite DI Ltd. AXIOM is a registered trademark of Magnet Forensics Investco Inc