Bring “chip-off” in house

Damaged devices and password-protected BlackBerry handsets can be problematic to access, the “last resort” being costly outsourcing for de-soldering and reading of the flash memory chips (“chip-off”). Our new 4½ day “Flash Memory Chip Removal” course teaches delegates how to undertake this work in-house with tuition from one of the most experienced practitioners in this specialist field.

Phil Cocking has 7 years’ experience of performing “chip off” for a well-known UK forensics provider and has successfully removed and read hundreds of flash memory chips from password-protected BlackBerry handsets and other devices. We will be making use of specialist training facilities in Leeds (UK) which are ideally suited to the de-soldering work involved.

Find dates, pricing and more information on our website here:

We are expecting keen interest in the course and class sizes are small to ensure that delegates get maximum benefit from the training; so please give us a call on +44 (0)20 8133 8750 now if you would like to take up a place.