New training for investigators

For too long, investigators have been the neglected link in a chain which stretches from device seizure all the way to the courtroom. Investigators are passed huge volumes of data to review in multiple tools and expected to understand and locate data which could be critical to the investigation; all without the benefit of structured training.

Until now.

Control-F is launching two courses in the 4th quarter of 2023 to support investigators, analysts and anyone who needs to work with data extracted from mobile devices:

  1. Understanding Mobile Forensic Data (UMFD) is an on-demand (self-paced) online course designed to teach delegates how data is recovered from mobile devices, the origins and reliability of such data and its relevance within an investigation.
  2. Reviewing Mobile Forensic Data (RMFD) is a two-day classroom course designed to teach delegates how to navigate mobile forensic data in Cellebrite Reader, MSAB XAMN and Axiom Portable Cases.


Get in touch to find out more and to check availability.