Chip-off now includes “chip back on” !

We have been teaching delegates how to successfully de-solder flash memory chips from mobile devices since 2013 with great success. Our Flash Memory Chip Removal now includes re-soldering chips after they have been removed and read.

Historically, chip-off has been seen as a process which is always destructive to the device in question. However, in some circumstances it is possible to replace the flash memory chip such that the device can be powered on and any PIN/password (recovered from analysis of the recovered data) entered to gain access to the device. We’ll be teaching techniques for protecting the PCB and re-soldering the flash memory in order to make chip-off an even more powerful solution for locked devices.

At the same time, we’re updating the devices we use on the course to better reflect current “problem” devices. Delegates work with locked Android and Windows Phone devices which cannot be dumped using commercial forensic tools or direct eMMC (ISP) – in other words, where chip-off is the only solution for data extraction.

Do get in touch if you would like to check availability.