Control-F COVID-19 update

The coronavirus outbreak is affecting people and businesses worldwide. Neither Control-F nor its staff are immune to that (although that would be nice) and we thought it would be helpful to explain how the ever-evolving situation is affecting how we serve our customers.

  1. We have postponed some courses which were scheduled for the coming weeks. We hate doing that, but naturally we will follow government advice and can’t help but be affected by travel bans imposed by customer organisations.We will continue to assess the viability of courses scheduled for the coming months and contact booked delegates to keep them informed. To see which courses are affected, please check our Course Schedule page.
  2. As you would expect, our staff are working from home and will be using the opportunity to update our existing materials, write new course content and develop our internal infrastructure. Not only that, family pets are receiving more attention, lunchtime runs are being taken and poached eggs have become a feasible lunch option. Every cloud…

Stay safe, stay in touch and we will look forward to resuming our classroom training in the not too distant future.