Evolution of our chip-off training

Protective shield being removed using hot air

We’re excited to announce the next chapter in our delivery of chip-off training, a field that we’ve been supporting our customers in for over 8 years.

Although recovery of unencrypted data via chip-off is still viable for some devices, it is much less of an opportunity than it once was. However, the ability to be able to de-solder and replace chips on mobile device circuit boards is still highly relevant for digital forensic units and forensic service providers.

We have gone right back to the drawing board and the end result is that a new Rework for Mobile Device Repair course will replace “Flash Memory Chip Removal”. The duration, cost and location of the training remains the same – but the emphasis shifts dramatically to repairing devices rather than data extraction via a chip reader.

You can find more information about the course at www.controlf.net/rmdr/

Our first course runs 21-25 February and is already nearly full.

Get in touch to check availability or to find out more about the course content.