Flasher Box Forensics training

Are you using flasher boxes to remove handset security codes or to perform ‘hex dumps’ of handsets which aren’t supported by commercial forensic tools?

If you are, you are one of a growing number of phone forensic examiners who are using flasher boxes to help gain access to “troublesome devices”. However, it may be that you’re less than 100% confident in using tools where there is little in the way of formal training available. If you’re not currently using flasher boxes, you’re missing out on a technology which would allow you to recover more evidence from more devices than you can today.

Knowing which boxes to buy, how to set them up and use them safely is somewhat of a minefield. We would like to guide you through that minefield to ensure that you can safely retrieve more evidence from more devices than you can today with our new 3 day Flasher Box Forensics training course.

Find out more about the course here and drop us an email to register your interest