Announcing new smartphone forensics courses for 2015

We wanted to fill you in on some exciting changes to our portfolio of training courses….

Since launching our Android & BlackBerry Forensics course in 2012, we have been teaching delegates not only how to bypass protection mechanisms on both Android & BlackBerry devices but also to make sense of the data they subsequently acquire from them. In the intervening years, adoption of smartphone devices in general has continued unabated and we’ve seen Windows Phone’s market share overtake that of BlackBerry.

The security mechanisms of iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices mean that all four platforms can pose challenges to forensic examiners in terms of acquisition (and each requiring different solutions!) At the same time, the analysis of data recovered from smartphones has never been more important. Forensic examiners need to know how to recover data from apps which are unsupported by commercial forensic tools; they also need to master techniques to recover deleted data from the SQLite databases used by smartphone apps.

Control-F is changing its smartphone forensics training to better reflect market trends and the needs of our customer base. In January 2015 our existing Android & BlackBerry Forensics course will be replaced by two new 4-day training courses:
* Advanced Smartphone & Tablet Acquisition
* Smartphone App Forensics

As the names suggest, one course will focus on acquisition of smartphone devices (specifically device locks, backups and associated encryption), the other will focus purely on the analysis of data from pre-installed and 3rd party applications.

Advanced Smartphone & Tablet Acquisition will cover iOS, Android & BlackBerry devices (acquisition of Windows Phone devices is covered by our JTAG Dumping for Android & Windows Phone course)

On our Smartphone App Forensics course, delegates will get to work with data recovered from all four leading smartphone platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry).

Click the course titles above to find out more about the courses as well as locations, dates and pricing. Or contact us by phone or email.

We look forward to seeing you on the courses in 2015!