New website makes “direct eMMC” (ISP) dumping easier

We’re very excited to tell you about a new online service that we’re launching today in collaboration with our partners FoneFunShop. The website is a repository of high-quality tested pinout diagrams for Android and Windows handsets as well as tablets and satnav devices.


Dumping smartphones, tablets and satnavs via “direct eMMC” (also known as ISP) is becoming increasingly common within forensic units. Direct eMMC, like JTAG, can be used to perform physical extractions of locked devices. However it is also suited to situations where a logical extraction is incomplete and a physical extraction is not possible within commercial forensic tools.


The biggest challenge with direct eMMC is finding the test points on the printed circuit board (PCB) of the device to connect to! Which is why we’re launching – a subscription based repository of high quality reliable documentation. Annual subscriptions for unlimited access cost just £280 + VAT.


The repository currently contains pinout diagrams for 67 devices including Sony, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, TomTom models and we are committed to growing that number each month. All of the pinout diagrams were researched and tested by us so you can rely on them. The site also includes chip-off schematics for 30 BlackBerry devices.


Browsing the site is free – so you can see exactly which devices are documented before buying a subscription.