Chip-off – isn’t that just for BlackBerrys?

It feels like time to dispel some myths about chip-off and explain how the technique is just as relevant as it’s ever been (despite BlackBerry’s demise!)

Chip-off now includes “chip back on” !

Our next chip-off course 13-17 March (Leeds, UK) will feature challenging Nokia Lumia and Sony Android models which cannot be extracted using bootloader or direct eMMC techniques.

New website makes “direct eMMC” (ISP) dumping easier

We’ve launched to help make it easier to get physical extractions from locked and unsupported handsets, tablets and satnavs

2nd eMMC Device Forensics course sold out!

New eMMC Device Forensics course added to schedule – 28 Nov – 1 Dec. Perform physical extractions of locked and unsupported Android & Windows devices, TomTom units and more.

New eMMC Device Forensics course

Our new eMMC Device Forensics course launches July 2016. Learn how to bypass locks and perform physical extractions of unsupported Android & Windows Phone handsets and tablets.

Python scripts save you time

Learning how to write simple Python scripts will help you recover and report evidence which commercial tools don’t support. Our 3 day Python Scripting 1 course gets complete beginners up and running in Python.

SQLite everywhere!

Learn how to find and report key evidence from SQLite databases recovered from smartphone devices on our 4½ day Smartphone App Forensics course

Advanced Smartphone & Tablet Acquisition course success

Our Advanced Smartphone & Tablet Acquisition course is going down a treat. Learn how to bypass security mechanisms & exploit device backups on our next course.

Announcing new smartphone forensics courses for 2015

We’re announcing 2 new smartphone forensics courses launching in Jan 2015! Bypass device locks and uncover treasure troves of app data.

Save money and time with a Control-F Training Pass

Our new Training Pass allows law enforcement customer to book any staff member on any course over the 2 year lifetime of the pass. Yes, really!